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At CheapWatches.com we love two things -- Fine watches and great bargains. Discovering discount Luminox watches and cheap citizen watches just make our day. And since we can't buy them all, we post our discoveries on this website so you can benefit. We're just getting started, and for now we've affiliated with a great store that offers truly exceptional deals. Good luck on your hunt. And if you find a really cheap Invicta watch, let us know!

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Who Invented The Cheap Watch?

Sometimes it amazes me just how inexpensive some watches can be. Think about it for a second... even the most simple watch is pretty complicated. (could YOU build one?) And they all have to keep relatively accurate time. 

The cheapest watch we found on Amazon.com was a $17.46 Butterfly Ladies Watch. It's a steal at this price, but we all have seen watches cheaper than that.

Just outside my window, there is a man selling Men's & Ladies' Sets for just $10. That's for TWO watches in a very attractive presentation box. My guess is that they are just making a dollar or two off the sale. 

In local drugstores here in NYC, it's not unusual to see Dora The Explorer digital watches for sale for just a couple of bucks. Earlier this year, I bought my kids McDonald's Happy Meals and the free prize was little working wristwatches. You can't get much cheaper than FREE!

Microwaving a Cheap Watch
Microwaving a Cheap Watch

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